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Since the Wright Brothers put Dayton on the map with their invention of powered flight in 1903, the community has been known as a hotbed of invention.  Based on its size, the area ranks 17th in the country for the number of patents issues and was rated fifth in the nation in the number of degrees awarded in engineering and science.

With more than a dozen colleges and universities within the region and a dozen more within an hour’s drive, Dayton Region companies have access to approximately 240,000 college graduates every year - more than Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Students Undergraduates PhD's
Dayton Region 242,230 28,525
Atlanta 173,288 25,997
Dallas/Ft. Worth 219,274 26,412
Minneapolis/St. Paul 140,538 20,763
Washington, D.C. 382,123 104,197

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