Industry Overview

The Dayton, Ohio region’s manufacturing industry is one of the largest, most highly developed centers in the United States. The region’s strong core of manufacturers records hundreds of patents each year and has adopted many new technologies for improved efficiency and productivity. 

Supported by local colleges and universities, abundant water, and an incredible knack for innovation,

Dayton-area manufacturing is globally competitive for businesses entering or expanding in the region.


Fast Facts


  • More than 2,500 manufacturers do business in the Dayton region.
  • Manufacturing employs 112,519 workers –11.6% of the area’s workforce.
  • Dayton region manufacturers serve customers in a wide variety of markets, including aerospace, energy, medical, defense, communication and transportation. Fifty-one percent of Dayton area manufacturers sell to local customers; 55% to regional customers; 51% nationally and 28% internationally.
  • Data analysis identifies advanced manufacturing as a strategic growth industry in the Dayton region.  Four areas of manufacturing concentration --aerospace, computer/electronics; chemical, plastic and rubber; and metalworking and machining --are expected to add a significant number of jobs in the next ten years.


Source: Dayton Region Manufacturing Association. September 2012.