An internship program is an often overlooked, untapped resource among businesses. Internship programs answer some of the most challenging hiring and retention issues facing modern businesses.

Effective internship programs:

  • can prepare new employees in advance
  • reduce new employee turnover
  • provide interns with a fresh perspective for the company
  • can even discover future business leaders

Employee turn-over costs range from 30 percent for hourly employees to 150 percent for salaried employees' annual salaries (Saratoga Institute, Hewitt Associates).  Internship programs have traditionally been a great way to wade into the talent pool without making hasty commitments.  Today, internships are more of a mutual “test-drive” for both the prospective employee and employer.  The best internship programs provide an intern with real work experiences and an exposure to corporate culture.

Ohio Internship Opportunities:

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Intern In Ohio, a free internship resource that connects businesses and organizations with qualified student interns, based on skills and interest. 

Intern in Ohio is re-imagining the state’s internship environment.  This groundbreaking new technology instantly connects students and employers, based on skills, interests and requirements.  By connecting students to employers based on these factors, Intern in Ohio ensures that candidates are well-suited for their experiential learning opportunities.  This reduces the traditional barriers to effective internships and streamlines the hiring process to save employers time and money while creating lasting relationships.  Intern in Ohio is free to employers and students.  Click here to view a video explanation.

Other Resources for Potential Internships:

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